Give to Program and Scholarship Fundraisers

Departments and programs across Seattle Colleges often work with us to raise funds over a short period of time for specific purposes directly related to their academic programs. These projects are certainly worthy of your donations. Following is a current listing of these active fundraising projects.

For Program Support

  • Residential and Commercial Property Management Program - Your support will increase access for students so they can get the education and exposure they deserve to take on the world of Real Estate and Property Management.

  • Parent Education Fund - Your contribution will support and strengthen the Parent Education Program at North Seattle College.

  • Food Pantry at Seattle Central College - Supports students at Seattle Central College with immediate food assistance and other basic supplies so that they can stay focused on their education. 

  • School of Apparel Design & Development at Seattle Central College - Your contribution will support the School of Apparel Design & Development and its students.

  • Seattle Maritime Academy - Seattle Central College's Maritime Academy provides the classroom instruction and hands-on training on working vessels that you need to prepare for a career in the regional and global maritime industry. 

  • Seattle Culinary Academy  - Seattle Central College's Culinary Academy trains students in hospitality, fine dining and baking so that they can supply our region's restaurants, hotels, and more with creative and diverse talent. 

  • Wood Technology Center - Seattle Central College's Wood Technology Center is a premier training center located in the Central District that trains people entering the carpentry and woodworking trades. 

  • Culinary Program at South Seattle College - South Seattle College's programs supply our region's restaurants, hotels and other parts of the hospitality industry with trained, versatile, and creative graduates. 

  • Food Pantry at South Seattle College - Supports students at South Seattle College with immediate food assistance and other basic supplies so that they can stay focused on their education. 

  • Arboretum at South Seattle College  - The Arboretum serves as a laboratory and workshop for students in the Landscape Horticulture program

  • Project Baldwin at the Seattle Colleges - Project Baldwin is a mentorship initiative at Seattle Colleges to boost completion and transfer outcomes for Black, Latinx, Native American, and Asian Pacific Islander males. 

For Scholarship Funds

  • Desmond Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund - Your contribution will support African American men who need financial assistance to attend Seattle Central College.

  • Cameron Addy Culinary Scholarship - This scholarship aims to inspire those studying at the Seattle Culinary Academy to embody the joy of creativity, togetherness, and fun in the kitchens.

  • Bruce Lee Scholarship - This scholarship awards student scholarships in the spirit of Bruce Lee's philosophies to encourage people to strive for honest self-expression in alignment with their mind, body, and spirit and in harmony with one another.

Making another designated gift 

Other gifts can be designated to an existing program or scholarship that has an established Foundation fund. To make a gift to another program, please do so through our general giving page. Select "other" in the area for gift designation and type in your designation of choice. Gifts made to programs/ scholarships without an established fund may be redirected to a similar purpose. 

For donors or college programs that wish to set up a fundraising campaign 

We welcome the creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness of our Seattle Colleges colleagues to raise funds for programs and projects across the District through the Seattle Colleges Foundation. You may initiate and lead a fundraising activity with prior approval from and coordination with the Seattle Colleges Office of Advancement and approval by the appropriate supervising staff and vice president at each campus. Learn more.