Required Documents

There are additional requirements to qualify for SCF scholarships. Applicants will need to upload an unofficial transcript and provide the email addresses of two references.


A copy of the applicant’s unofficial transcript is required to be uploaded into the scholarship application. Hard copies or emails will NOT be accepted.

Current Students: Save a copy and upload unofficial college transcripts

Need Help Accessing your Unofficial Transcript? Click here to view the ctcLink instructions.

High School Students: Copy of most recent unofficial high school transcript

Running Start Students: Copy of current college unofficial transcript; unless this the first quarter attending college, then upload high school unofficial transcript

Incoming Students: Unofficial high school transcripts or previous college


Two recommendations are required to be eligible for your application to be accepted, preferably one being a Seattle College staff or faculty member.

  • On the application, include their name and email address
  • Deadline for References see “Important dates/deadlines”
  • See “Reference Tab” for instructions for recommenders