How to Accept and Receive Scholarships

Applicants who are awarded a scholarship are required to complete the following steps by the deadline provided by the Foundation. Failure to complete the award process by the deadline will result in an automatic forfeit of the scholarship and the scholarship will be awarded to another eligible applicant.

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  1. Login to your scholarship account:
    • Current Seattle College students will use this application link
    • Prospective Seattle College students will use this application link.
  2. Click on “Complete Follow-Up”.
  3. Complete the “Post-award” application. Make sure to click "Submit Follow-Up."
    • Upload a thank you letter to the donor - required
    • Upload a picture – optional
    • Volunteer Opportunity - required
    • Indicate quarters of attendance - required
    • Read & agree to scholarship contract – required
  4. Complete the colleges financial aid forms by August 1st. (FAFSA/WASFA & financial aid forms)
    • See college financial aid website for more information on completing your financial aid forms
  5. All scholarships will be sent to financial aid and added into scholars financial aid package by Fall quarter. Awards will automatically be divided by 3 quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

After you have completed your post-award acceptance, your scholarships are sent to financial aid in Summer quarter for review and approval for the upcoming academic year. Scholarships are subject to be reviewed by the financial aid office and may be subject to change based on overall unmet need, quarter enrollment and/or credit enrollment.

 Please check your financial aid portal to verify your award is there before Fall quarter. If not, contact us and your college financial aid office.

Seattle Colleges delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information:


Scholars must plan to be enrolled in at least 9 credits per quarter and meet the college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to receive their full scholarship for the Seattle Colleges Foundation or your scholarship will be prorated based on the chart below. This is also mentioned in the scholarship agreement that must be signed by all scholars in order to receive their scholarship.

Quarterly Enrollment Level Foundation Award Disbursement
Full time (12+ credits) Full amount of award
¾ time (9-11 credits) Full amount of award
½ time (6-8 credits) Prorated to ¾ of total award
Less than ½ time (5 or fewer credits) Prorated to ½ of total award


South Seattle College Foundation scholarships' prorated awards vary slightly: Students who are enrolled in 4-5 credits a quarter are awarded 1/2 of the award per quarter; students who are enrolled in 3 credits or less a quarter do not receive an award.