Writing statements

There are three written statements that are required. This includes the personal statement, purpose statement, and financial need statement. These essays assist reviewers in getting to know applicants and determine their needs.

Personal Statement: Tell us about yourself and your story. Please describe your journey or experience and how it has shaped you. (300-400 words approximately 2/3 of a page, single-spaced).

  • What motivates you (why will you be successful?)
  • Share your commitments: work, volunteer, family, community, church, campus activities (emphasize leadership roles and long-term commitments.

Purpose Statement: Please describe an experience that demonstrates your perseverance and/or progress you have taken towards your educational goals. (200-300 words; approximately 1/2 of a page, single-spaced).

  • Share your area of study and why (do not let the reviewer make assumptions – explain your thinking)
  • Share future plan(s) – what are you planning to do when you complete your studies (and how will you give back?)
  • Share your personal history, if relevant (do you have a special connection to your area of study? have you experienced significant experience and overcome them? were you inspired by a special person or event?)

Statement of Financial Need: Please tell us about your financial situation and what impact receiving a scholarship would have on your life. Think about how your daily life would change and/or the larger impact a scholarship would have on your finances, your academics, your motivation, etc. Additionally, please share if there are any foreseeable changes or unknown elements regarding your ability to afford college. (200-300 words; approximately 1/2 of a page, single-spaced).

Need Assistance on your written statements? If students need help with their written statements, the Writing Center and E-Tutoring will be providing writing assistance via email. Students can send their essay drafts with instructions attached to:

Attend the Scholarship Written Statements Workshop or watch recorded videos.