Selection & notification

Selection Criteria

The SCF Foundation recruits scholarship volunteer reviewers who include community volunteers, donors, and Seattle College faculty and staff. Each application is reviewed by three volunteers who score applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Personal and Purpose Statements – The applicants personal statement demonstrates their story and experience that has shaped them; purpose statement – the student demonstrates their perseverance and progress taken toward their educational goal.
  • Financial Need – The applicant shares their financial situation and the impact a scholarship would have in pursuing their educational goal.
  • Perseverance through Challenges – The applicant shares how they have persevered through challenges and/or took advantage of opportunities in pursuit of their educational goal.
  • Engagement in Community/ Campus Activities, Leadership Capabilities and Additional Responsibilities – The applicant has demonstrated their involvement on their college campus, commitment to volunteerism, additional responsibilities, or family commitments, and/or other leadership activities.
  • Academic Progress – The applicant has demonstrated a significant level of tenacity and motivation through increased progress of grades overtime, academic honors, shared progress and steps taken to continue or improve academic standing.

How will I be notified?

All applicants will be notified via email address provided on their application, the week after the scholarship application deadline. Email will be the primary means of communication. Please double check that you have provided the SCF the correct email address.

All communication will come from the email account. Check junk/spam mail account if you do not see emails.