Student Stories

Maria's, Christy's, and Oloth's Stories
Meet the people your gift empowers.

Student scholarship recipients Maria, Christy, and Oloth
Student scholarship recipients Maria, Christy, and Oloth

Three Seattle Central students, Maria, Christy, and Oloth, share their stories and how education is changing their lives. 

"Thank you, so much, to all the people who helped us continue... Today you are helping me, but tomorrow I can help others. So your help is not only for me, it's for the community." - Maria

"I want to stay here, I want to take the knowledge that I had before, I want to increase it, and then I want to get back to work in the place that I love living. I couldn't be doing that without a scholarship." - Christy

"I ultimately finished at Seattle Central, which was a great experience. I'm now a student at the University of Washington... As we imagine a world for our children, are we okay with the status quo in the world we exist in and society we exist in today, or do we want to change some things? And that's why I continue to pursue my education." - Oloth


Note: This video was produced for and unveiled at Seattle Central's BELIEVE event, held April 25, 2019.